Your index to Montreal’s digital footprint.

Index Digital is a group of handpicked freelancers each a specialist in their domain.

Who we are

In a day and age where experts, creators, thinkers and visionaries are also self-employed entrepreneurs, Index Digital brings them all together to break the mould of a traditional agency. Index Digital provides you with the same offerings as a full-service digital agency without the overhead; we only charge you for the specific services you need. That means, we don’t charge you for design if you already have a designer. Pick and choose your needs to compliment your existing team or use all of our services to build your project from start to finish.

Let us be the team you need and let our team be your team. We can put together a team of freelancers who are used to working together instead of finding them on your own and wasting precious energy trying to get them to collaborate.

With Index Digital, you get the best of both worlds!

Projects // Clients

Being Studio
Non-profit community of diverse artists with developmental disabilities
VIIV Boutique
Montreal-based Sustainable Jewelry Collection
Distillerie de Montreal
Rosemont Alcohols and Their Cocktail Recipes
Tribal by Cannara
Recreational Cannabis Product Website
Galerie Images Boréales
Inuit Art Product Gallery
Exo - REM
Public Transit Schedules
Maison Goldberg Bijouterie
E-Commerce Jewellery Platform
Generative Mind
Rotating Digital Picture Frame of High Quality Images
Montreal Metro Quiz
Web Game
Image Ipsum
Placeholder Images
Who Dat? Name Guessing Game
Web Game